About us

Zhejiang Synmot Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. (Synmot)  with a total planned investment of 100 million yuan. Synmot covers an area of 15  acre  the total construction area is 100000 square meters, now is striving to build a Synmot servo industry zone. Synmot is dedicated to research and application of energy saving technology in machinery, is a professional manufacturer of servo motors, servo drives and servo systems. The rated power of Synmot servo motors is 0.2kw-160kw while the rated torque is 1 N.m-2500 Nm and the rated speed is 350 rpm-20000 rpm. The rated of Synmot drives is 0.4 kw-160 kw, which can satisfy the requirement of precise motion control in different industries. Synmot energy-saving systems have been widely used in 50 ton-3000 ton injection molding machinery, die casting machinery,hydraulic machinery, textile machinery, elevators,CNC machine tools, printing and packing, metallurgy and mines etc.

Synmot has a famous electrical professor as the chief engineer.The technical team is composed of Ph.D, masters, senior engineers with strong ability of innovation and engineering. It has more than 30 design patents, and has established cooperation with Zhejiang University in production, design and research. Synmot has laboratories for motors,motor drives, EMC and energy-saving technologies, and can develop the specially specified servo system for automatic equipments, CNC machines and inspection devices.

Synmot uses computerized management systems such as ERP, OA, PLM etc. The enterprise culture is being positive, cooperative and pursuing excellence, takes technology as a guide, pays great attention to the product quality, so as to provide more environment-friendly, more precise and more stable products; to provide the professional solutions in electrical servo drive system.



  • Injection molding machinery
  • Die-casting machinery
  • CNC machinery
  • CNC  punch press machinery
  • Textile machinery